Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania say they have discovered why men go bald: an enzyme that disables hair follicles. Dr. George Cotsarelis announced that there are ongoing negotiations with pharmaceutical companies already regarding a cure for this problem. Dr. Cotsarelis, along with his team of dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania, found that the enzyme Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) prevents maturation of hair follicles. Scientists have known that there is a link between genes and baldness, but did not establish the exact cause leading to hair loss. Studying the scalp of several bald men, doctors found that PGD2 level was 3 times higher in areas where they lose their hair. The same team of researchers found that bald men are endowed with cells needed for hair growth, but they fail in the process of maturation. Experts believe that PGD2 is the reason why this process is stopped, a restart being actually possible. Tests on mice showed that Prostaglandin D2 enzyme slows hair growth up to a complete halt. At the moment there are already drugs on the market that work against PGD2, which are used to treat asthma and allergies. Doctors believe that these compounds can be transformed into a lotion that can be applied to the scalp. “A very helpful thing in dermatology .

We at MILLENNIUM CLINIC are able to use compounds that are already in medical use and are S A F E and Effective, turning them into lotions that can be applied locally (Topically). We believe that these existing compounds could prevent hair loss and promote regrowth, laboratory tests suggest that this treatment could also work for women suffering from alopecia. It is estimated that approximately 40% of women suffer from some form of baldness, which is mainly caused by hormonal changes that occur during menopause. Among males, the number of people affected is much higher. It is estimated that half of men aged 50 years suffering from baldness, the percentage of those affected at theage of 70 years reaching 70%. “I think the discovery is truly exciting, and positive effects will not be limited to men”, says Dr Cotsarelis. Experts consider that this potential treatment identified by Dr. Cotsarelis will revolutionize treatments for alopecia and Hair Loss / Baldness market. At this point, people affected by Hair Loss and baldness do not have many treatment options. Hair transplants are too expensive and their success rate is variable. Also, the two drugs for this problem on the current market have high risk of side effects. Propecia, a drug that blocks testosterone, can cause impotence., Minoxidil, a drug that increases the amount of blood supplied to the hair follicles, may even accelerate hair loss and can cause other side effects under certain conditions. The men and women around the world who suffer from hair loss NOW have the chance of a new S A F E and Effective treatment at  MILLENNIUM CLINIC!  

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  1. Sam 6 years ago


    If can please trouble you for some advice as I don’t seem to be getting very far with my problems. I have jotted down what has been going on over the pas few years and would love if you could give me some advice.

    I have a question on hair loss as it is a huge thing for me at the moment.

    I have had so many different things been told to me about hair loss that I am so confused and I have now become very depressed.

    Here is my story.

    From Nov 13 to Feb 14 I was under a lot of stress at work and have had a lot of stress in my life over the past 7 years due to a son with a drug problem. This has got better with him but I think I was in shock over it for a long period of time and pushed through life but I pushed myself even more between Nov 13 and Feb 14.

    I was not well between Nov 13 and Feb 14 with weird symptoms and had several visits to the dr with fluid in my ears, a bad cough, I had extremely bad nausea between Nov 13 and Feb 14.

    Then at the end of Feb 14 I had a bout of vomiting for 6 hrs and felt very unwell after with nausea. I then had very swollen glands under my jaw and especially behind my right ear which is the same ear I had fluid in earlier. Then in the middle of March I still had extremely swollen glands behind my right ear and I also noticed I had hair loss and a very sore scalp and I still had the nausea.

    I then visited a dr who told me I was making things up and I had no hair loss and I had none of the symptoms I had and told me I just wanted something to be wrong with me.

    He did some blood tests to check my hormones and everything came back fine.

    I have been to numerous hair specialists, drs and dermatologists and everyone has a different opinion. The last dermatologist I went to said it was impossible for my hair loss to be female baldness as I have lost so much hair in such a short period of time (I had a photo of what my hair use to look like). I have now lost over 50% of my hair and it continues to fall out. The hairs that do fall out still have the bulbs on them and I have lost hair all over not just the top and sides. The strands of hair have become very brittle they were not like that before the hair loss started and I have noticed many of hairs have very tappered ends not the end that is connected to the scalp but the other end. My hair just seems to snap, and it seems to come out very easily.

    I have tried Spironolactone and it made me very depressed and the 4 weeks I was on it I lost even more hair. I have also read that hair loss and depression can be side effects of the medication.

    I have had problems with iron, B3, and Vit D and currently I am taking supplements for all these. I also had very bad eating habits for the past 5 years with skipping meals as I have had stomach problems. I also have low blood volume.

    I had a hair analysis done which should I had very high levels of copper. I also get a funny rash on my face, shoulders and neck after showering and I am not sure if this is related to the copper in our water. The dr that did this test thought I had adrenal fatigue. I always have had low-ish blood pressure and cholerstrol, my insulin levels have been a bit up and down but my blood sugars have been fine. I had slighted elevated liver test and I also had an elevated IgG4 test. I have hyperplastic polyps in my stomach. All of these I have been told is fine and I just need to get over things .

    I have had one dr prescribe me natural progesterone to help if I am estragon dominant and he said this will help with the free testosterone that effects hair follicles even though my tests haven’t really shown much.

    I wanted to know your opinion on the matter, also is it better to have low SHBG levels in women so the hair does’n’t fall out or is it better for the SHBG levels to be high so there is not as much free testosterone? If the SHBG levels have to be in high range to keep hair on the scalp what can you do to increase the SHBG levels and what is considered low?

    Also the halo’s around hair follicles how quickly do they appear in womens hair loss, do they take time to appear as I am assuming womens hair in female baldness does not all fall out all at one time and it takes a years to progress?

    This whole matter has affected everything I do in life, I have quit my job, I don’t leave the house and I don’t really speak to anyone as I just don’t feel like myself and have lost all confidence that I did have as a 40 year old self employed person.

    The hair continues to fall out each day, this part is heart breaking.

    Stress wise I would so I felt like I was on the edge between Nov 13 and Feb 14. I had lost my libido and also felt like I did not have the patience for anything. I was working extremely long hours including the weekends and getting about 5 hours sleep a night before I go the vomiting.

    The hair loss started as I mentioned with very swollen glands behind my right ear and a sore head and I had bad nausea, this was all after the vomiting I had for 6 hours.

    I had an hair analysis was done end of May but no one gave me any advice on what to do , other than telling me I had adrenal fatigue. I also had high Calcium, Magnesium and iron these were the nutritional elements and my Cadmium and Aluminium were above the reference range.

    The ratio scale shows I have low ZN/CU ratio and Na/Mg ratio .

    The test was done by InterClinical Laboratories.

    After seeing 4 x dermatologists – 2 x saying no to female pattern hair loss – as they think it should have progressed over time and I don’t really have any blood tests to show high androgens

    1 x biopsy done that 2 x dermatologists think is incorrect ad they don’t think female hair loss can happen as quick as mine and in the manner that is falling out and continues to fall out and how quickly it came on

    One dr thinks it due to the fact I have low blood volume and the fact I have not eaten well for a long time.

    And now a naturopath thinks its the Copper that the issue.

    I am so tired and run down with the whole situation, I wake up each morning like I have not slept and I am pretty depressed about it all. I don’t have elevated cortisol levels at the moment as they were checked, but I do feel anxious and depressed.

    Honestly this has been the worst experience in my life , after so many years with dramas with our older son I thought this year was going to be the turning year for us. However it has left me overwhelmed, unsure of myself and at times suicide has even crossed my mind. I know that sounds terrible but I just don’t feel like myself, always tired, funny symptoms with no answers and now hair loss (which is a big thing for a women).

    I have never used birth control for a long period of time may be for 2 years around the age of 17. I had my first child at 17 and second one at the age of 25. I had my gall bladder removed before I was 25, tubes tired at 28. We used no birth control at all between the 8 year gap between our two boys as I just didn’t fall pregnant actually i had a miscarriage in between.

    I also had abnormal cells in my uterus when I was 17 that were burnt out.

    Also since Nov 13 I would say I have been more constipated as before I didn’t have that problem is was the other way around plus I feel cold more often.

    I have had gut issues since 2008.

    These are some of my recent blood test results- would you class these as normal for someone who is 41?

    normal testosterone – mine was .9 (range is .3 to 1.7), free testosterone mines was 13.6 (range is 3-24), DHEA – mine was 3.5 (range 1.65-9.15), SHBG – mine 46 (range 32-128), Androstenedione mine was 4.9 (range 1.0 to 11.5).

    I can’t really think of anything else but I really would appreciate any extra information from someone that knows about these issues.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • admin 6 years ago

      Come and see us at the clinic for an examination and consultation as soon as possible! You will not be charged for your visit!

      Best regards


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