Most Effective Hair Restoration in the Sydney CBD

Are you in need of information on effective hair restoration in the Sydney CBD? If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or balding and want to know more, come and visit our hair restoration professionals at the Millennium Clinic. We understand how frustrating it is to experience hair loss and there is no one solution. When you come down to our clinic, you will receive a warm and friendly greeting from our staff. We are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding hair rejuvenation in the Sydney CBD.

A Holistic Approach to Hair Restoration in the Sydney CBD!

Here at our clinic we are constantly researching the latest international treatments for hair restoration. We choose the treatments proven to deliver the safest and most effective results. We understand that every person’s hair loss is different and unique.

When you come to our clinic we will sit down with you and determine what the best hair loss treatment is ideal for your situation. We always take the holistic approach, which means that we take into consideration every persons specific psychological, social, and physical needs. We try to remain as“natural” as possible in our approach and offer ethical care when treating all of our clients. You are treated as an individual with your own individual needs.

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Increase the Health and Vitality of Your Hair

Our treatment programs can last between six and twelve months, to ensure that your hair will make a strong return / recovery. Through the duration of your treatment, you will receive one or two weekly appointments so you will not have to change much of your day to day schedule. These procedures are based on the principles of boosting hair follicle health and vitality while also strengthening the hair you still have.

We offer state-of-the-art hair loss treatment in the Sydney CBD. Together with hair replacement surgery, we mostly provide a variety of non-surgical treatments including:

  • Follicular and dermal stimulation
  • Cold laser therapy or traditional laser hair therapy
  • Androgen blockers / inhibitors (in the cases of Testosterone or DHT related baldness)

Here at the Millennium Clinic we build our reputation on our results. Our customer service is second to none and our customers are always satisfied with the warm and sincere service they receive from our professional staff. Our number one goal is to be able to give you the best service while treating your hair loss.  Don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation to discuss our treatments for hair restoration in the Sydney CBD.  Call or visit us online to book your free consultation today!


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