Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania say they have discovered why men go bald: an enzyme that disables hair follicles. Dr. George Cotsarelis announced that there are ongoing negotiations with pharmaceutical companies already regarding a cure for this problem. Dr. Cotsarelis, along with his team of dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania, found that the enzyme Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) prevents maturation of hair follicles. Scientists have known that there is a link between genes and baldness, but did not establish the exact cause leading to hair loss. Studying the scalp of several bald men, doctors found that PGD2 level was 3 times higher in areas where they lose their hair. The same team of researchers found that bald men are endowed with cells needed for hair growth, but they fail in the process of maturation. Experts believe that PGD2 is the reason why this process is stopped, a restart being actually possible. Tests on mice showed that Prostaglandin D2 enzyme slows hair growth up to a complete halt. At the moment there are already drugs on the market that work against PGD2, which are used to treat asthma and allergies. Doctors believe that these compounds can be transformed into a lotion that can be applied to the scalp. “A very helpful thing in dermatology .

We at MILLENNIUM CLINIC are able to use compounds that are already in medical use and are    S A F E  and Effective, turning them into lotions that can be applied locally (Topically). We believe that these existing compounds could prevent hair loss and promote regrowth, laboratory tests suggest that this treatment could also work for women suffering from alopecia. It is estimated that approximately 40% of women suffer from some form of baldness, which is mainly caused by hormonal changes that occur during menopause. Among males, the number of people affected is much higher. It is estimated that half of men aged 50 years suffering from baldness, the percentage of those affected at theage of 70 years reaching 70%. “I think the discovery is truly exciting, and positive effects will not be limited to men”, says Dr Cotsarelis. Experts consider that this potential treatment identified by Dr. Cotsarelis will revolutionize treatments for alopecia and Hair Loss / Baldness market. At this point, people affected by Hair Loss and baldness do not have many treatment options. Hair transplants are too expensive and their success rate is variable. Also, the two drugs for this problem on the current market have high risk of side effects!  Propecia, a drug that blocks testosterone, can cause impotence.  Minoxidil, a drug that increases the amount of blood supplied to the hair follicles, may even accelerate hair loss and can cause other side effects under certain conditions. The men and women around the world who suffer from hair loss now have the chance of a new S A F E  and Effective treatment at MILLENNIUM CLINIC!

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