About Millennium Clinic



Millennium Clinic  is committed to safe, effective, responsible and ethical approaches to treating hair loss problems!

At Millennium Clinic we understand the challenges and stress that hair loss can bring. We understand that each individual’s hair loss problem is unique. Millennium Clinic constantly explores all available hair loss products and treatments from around the world and carefully chooses only those that are proven to deliver a safe and effective solution to hair loss.

At Millennium Clinic, we believe that only by correctly identifying the cause of individuals thinning problems and treating that cause with the best that modern science can safely offer; we can avoid the end result (baldness).

After our expert examination and consultation, you will be advised as to what the causes of your hair loss is and what can realistically be done about it. We will explain all the latest options available to you, such as treatments and their safety, success rates, costs, length of time required to achieve the result you want etc.

We will then advise you on the shortest and safest path to your desired result.

At least once you are armed with knowledge and an accurate diagnosis; it will not be hard to make an educated and informed decision.

At Millennium Clinic we will help you tackle your problem straight away and do everything to prevent you from getting any thinner.

As soon as we accomplish that, we can move on to exploring possibilities of safely improving your hair growth and thickness (free of unwanted side effects)

If you suffer from over oily, extra dry, thinning, damaged or wrongly treated hair, dandruff, itchiness or other scalp and hair problems call Millennium Clinic for an examination and advice on how keep, treat or replace your hair.

If the loss of your hair is making you feel inhibited and out of step with your life, Millennium Clinic can and will help.