Non-Invasive Procedures

AboutUs_ClinicWant to improve your appearance but don’t want the risk or complications that plastic surgery may have? Millennium Clinic brings to Sydney the safest and most effective non-invasive procedures from around the world. Contact us today to discuss which procedure is best for you.

  • Cutera Laser
  • Titan Treatment
  • Dermal Needling
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Herbal Ozone Aromatherapy & Facial Steam cleansing
    Galvanic treatment
  • Microcurrent “Magic Gloves” Treatment
  • High Frequency stimulation
  • Ultrasonic Skin Massage & Ultrasonic Skin Scrub
  • Electro-Desiccating Skin Spot Removal


At Millennium Clinic, we are very excited to offer you the Cutera Laser, which has a versatile platform to treat many varied skin conditions, such as pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun damaged skin, fine lines and winkles, loose skin and unwanted hair.


Titan is a new category for skin fitness. The titan is a safe, nonsurgical process that uses infra red light to heat tissue in the deep dermis to cause collagen contraction. In addition, Titan can stimulate long term collagen rebuilding that leaves you with younger looking skin.

Titan treats lax and redundant skin throughout the body. Titan is ideal for treating laxity of the neck and jowls, along with other areas of the body such as the abdominal area. Treatment time depends on the size of the surface area to be treated, but usually treatment takes less than an hour.

There is no down time for this procedure and 2 – 3 treatments are usually required.


This is a relatively non-invasive method of collagen induction using a small roller impregnated with tiny sharp needles which when rolled over the skin in a certain manner, puncture the skin and encourage the proliferation of fibroblasts which trigger a cascade of regenerative mechanisms.

The procedure commences with the patient applying topical local anaesthetic for approximately 30-45 minutes after which the skin is cleansed with antiseptic and the roller applied to the skin. Discomfort is generally mild and occasionally moderate in some areas.

Those who have the following may choose this procedure:

  • Wrinkles
  • Aged skin
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars and acne scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Over production of sebum (oily skins)

Results include:

  • Stimulation of skin cells and formation of new collagen- resulting in smoother and finer skin texture
  • Improvement in the depth of previously depressed scars
  • Reduction of pore size and sebum over-production
  • Improvement in pigmentation
  • On the scalp, may stimulate hair regrowth


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation of the outer dead layers of skin. This procedure removes the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulates cell growth in the underlying dermis. Microdermabrasion helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin.

  • Treatment Use: Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, uneven pigmentation
  • Expected Results: Vibrant, healthy and glowing skin with diminished signs of ageing and scarring.
  • Treatment Time: Less than 40 minutes per session (multiple sessions needed)
  • For Best Results: Have a minimum of six sessions, seven to ten days apart
  • Recovery: No downtime


This treatment helps to open pores and relaxes face muscles to aid in the extraction of impurities.

  • Ozone Function: Sterilizes the steam ensuring a clean and safe treatment
  • Herbal: Essential oils with steam, add a refreshing and soothing Aromatherapy treatment.


This treatment penetrates the skin surface by utilizing a micro electric current. The Galvanic Treatment has two functions: the first, Ionoderm promotes deep skin cleansing, the second, Ionophoresis facilitates cream or lotion penetration deep into the skin.


These gloves provide a controlled Ionophoresis treatment for your skin. Magic gloves are designed with two poles (positive and negative) to enhance the ability of water-soluble active molecules to penetrate deep into the skin surface.

  • Gloves pulse a painless Microcurrent to deliver serums deep into your skin.
  • Electric stimulation tightens and tones muscles – reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps to normalise the skin and provide a clear, glowing complexion without oily or dry patches.


Ultraviolet Electrodes sterilize the skin and increases circulation, kills bacteria to eliminate and speed healing of blemishes.


This procedure is used to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin. The skin scrubber safely removes the top layer of dead skin cells while blasting the pores clean with vibrations. The Ultrasound sends streams of high speed vibrations of 28,000 oscillations per second into the epidermis layers. These high frequency vibrations are safe, and are scientifically designed to remove dead skin cells, dirt and grease particles, black and white heads. The massage probes are specially designed to direct sonic waves to greatly expedite product & nutrient penetration. The added benefit is a lift effect that creates ultra-smooth, soft skin. We use a liquid astringent with Aloe Vera and Activated mineral water during this procedure.


In the hands of our professionally trained therapist, this procedure treats many common minor skin conditions. This non-invasive and quick treatment provides almost immediate results. Used to remove or reduce cherry angiomas, skin tags, clogged pores, acne pimples, minor fibromas and many other conditions.

  • Effectively treats a wide variety of common minor skin conditions
  • Rapid treatment (3-5 seconds per area)
  • Non-invasive and no anesthesia required