• Since I have head Alopecia for over ten years I have tried many lotions, shampoos and treatments. I was “blessed “, when I came across Millennium Clinic laser treatment with the shampoo solutions etc. It has been the best results I have ever head!!! Thank you also for the generosity , warmth and welcoming reception from staff whenever I attend my sessions.
  • Dear Alex, We would like to personally thank you for your professional advice and overwhelming kindness shown when you treated our 12yr old son who developed the hair loss condition Alopecia. It is difficult to fight on so many levels with no real guarantee that any of the recommended treatments will work, so it was helpful to talk to someone that had experience in this area. The range of products you provided had an immediate effect, not only did it make his hair look and feel healthy it also stimulated the hair follicle and we believe has contributed to his recovery. Your down to earth approach had such a positive impact on our son to help him to fight this both mentally and physically. Not many professionals would offer treatments on Saturday free of charge so we can’t thank you enough for your time and appreciate you always making yourself available. Our son has now entered into his high school years with nearly a full head of luscious looking hair and he feels such a sense of achievement that he won the battle against Alopecia. We are so grateful to have found you and would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone needing treatment for hair loss. Kindest regards, Ashley and Joanne T

    Son’s Testimonial:   Dear Alex, Thank you for coming in on those Saturday mornings to help me with my alopecia it was extremely kind of you and I would also like to thank you for giving me a positive out look on things and sense of hope as that was very important to me at the time.
    JT, Sydney NSW
  • Millennium Clinic have been very helpful in assisting me in understanding the cause of my hair loss and lack of hair growth. They provided me with step by step instructions and a structured program to get me back on track. Had a wonderful experience with Alex and the rest of the team as they accommodated to my needs. 
I would recommend Millennium Clinic to anyone.
    Jack Lo
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    I have no hesitation in recommending Millennium to anyone. Not only does the system work (after 2 month I felt like my hair had doubled) but the care from the Millennium team makes you feel at home. For me this has been a miraculous find!
  • I eat healthy food, go to the gym, dress well and take care in my appearance. The only thing that was concerning me was my rapidly thinning hair. Having met with some of the more 'advertised' companies offering solutions, I became disillusioned and in fact skeptical of organizations operating in this space. I came across Millennium Clinic by chance, and as a result of my previous experiences I approached them with a degree of caution. Immediately Alex and the team made me feel entirely at ease and I have been coming back ever since. The results have been great, my hairline is no longer depleting and instead has been steadily increasing in thickness, which has had a strong bearing on my confidence. Coming to Millennium Clinic was a commitment I made to myself and one, which I am happy to say, is paying off with great results. If you have concerns about your hairline, then you've come to the right place.
  • My name is Margaret Attard I came to Millennium. I spoke to Alex I had doubts about the treatment as I was with other treatments. Was I wrong. I started in February 2012 with great loss of hair to part of my head. Alex told me what I had to use and coming into the clinic I saw improvement with my hair about 4 months into the treatment. I stuck into the lotions it help a lot I was getting a bit lazy doing this and that I did nit see any improvement then I got back into it and the hair was growing healthy and strong. My husband and myself went to a family get together, people that I have not see for months, the family members were shocked, they could not believe the improvement, they asked so many questions . And it is November 2012 and I have a head of hair, I am so happy that I can go to a hairdresser for a hair cut. Alex and Anna they helped me so much through the course. I am having Christmas at home and all my family will be there and I will show off my full head of hair. Any one on the course do not worry this treatment works, if it did not work I would not write this letter or tell people. Thanks Anna, Alex and the staff.
    Margaret Attard
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