Anti-wrinkle gel

Anti-wrinkle gel


Light energising gel, combats natural skin ageing, prevents wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging, and cellulite

Anti-wrinkle gel
Key ingredients:

  • Cone flower: prevention, treatment of flavonoids, wrinkles, sagging, repair, treating chapped skin
  • Centella Asiatica: skin elasticiser, toner, prevents wrinkles, stretch marks, skin rejuvenating, protective, scar tissue
  • Fenugreek: tonic, revitalises, skin reactivating, stretch marks, firming, elasticising
  • Ginseng: revitalises, tonic, stimulant
  • Ivy: astringent, soothing, skin purifier, burns, bruises, rashes, stretch marks, cellulite
  • Horsetail: elasticiser, tonic, firming, stretch marks, wrinkle treatment
  • Green tea: breast firming, anti- ageing, reactivating, anti-sagging


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