Moisturising Cream for Normal to Dry skin

Moisturising Cream for Normal to Dry skin


A light moisturiser that softens and smoothes dry, rough skin. It is non-irritating, even to the most sensitive skins. Ideal make-up base for normal to dry skin. Non-greasy, easily penetrates the skin. Excellent as a hand cream.

Cream Moisturiser for Normal to Dry skin
Key ingredients:

  • Tea Tree Oil: antiseptic, deep cleansing, germicidal
  • Sorbitol: moisturiser
  • Hydrotropes: moisture retention
  • Jojoba Oil: gently unclogs pores and cleans away dirt, non-comedogenic
  • Aloe Vera: cicatrizing, prevents inflammation, moisturises
  • Lactates: mildly antiseptic, skin curative


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