Niacin fades brown spots and discolorations. Builds a stronger skin barrier. Repairs cellular DNA damages caused by sun exposure.   Key ingredients:
  • L-ascorbic acid: 25%
  • glycerine: 35%
  • vitamin E (a-tocopherol): 2%
  • carnosine 4% - dipeptide antiglycation
  • carotene (beta)
  • hydroxy benzoic acid
  • nicotinamid 4%: Vitamin B3

Completes our transdermal C product series so far:
Addition of 5% niacin amide (vitamin B) to the carnosine product gave a very gentle transdermal eye lightener. Niacin fades brown spots and discolorations.
It is essential for building a stronger skin barrier. It has also been shown to repair cellular DNA damage caused by sun exposure.

Carnosine increases the anti-oxidant work of vitamin C and E.
It is a potent antioxidant, helps to chelate ionic metals, aids wound healing (immune boosting properties).

As anti-aging carnosine helps to prevent glycosylation the crosslinking of proteins and DNA molecules caused by sugar aldelydes reacting with amino acids on the protein molecule. It is a free radical scavenger and anti-glycation dipeptide, performing at 2 different levels.

Weight 96 g
Dimensions 3.14 × 7.56 × 6 cm


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