Get Lasting Results for Hair Regrowth in Sydney CBD

Are you looking for expert service to assist with hair regrowth in theSydney CBD? Look no further than the Millennium Clinic. Here at our clinic, we uphold only the highest of standards. We understand how difficult it is to face losing your hair and you do not have to accept hair loss.

We have a wide variety of hair loss treatments that will be specific to your particular condition. Nobody has exactly the same reason for baldness or hair thinning and we will give you an expert examination and consultation to determine your cause of hair loss. Once that is done, we will carefully design a treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

Only the Best, Most Advanced Treatments for Hair Regrowth in Sydney CBD!

Here at our clinic, our professionals are constantly monitoring international research for the latest treatments that we can apply to your hair rejuvenation in the SydneyCBD. We carefully select only the treatments that are proven to deliver safe and successful results.
We understand that our client’s primary concern when coming to our clinic is positive results. We use a holistic approach in our therapies which means we take into consideration our clients psychological, social, and physical health. Our clients receive the best possible care when they visit the Millennium Clinic.

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Many Non-Surgical Options Available: Holistic Approach!

Hair transplant surgery is a drastic decision and should not be taken lightly. This is why we also offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments for hair regrowth in the Sydney CBD. Typically, our treatments only consist of 15-25 minute appointments once or twice a week.  These can last from 6 to 12 months depending on your individual case. Some of our treatment programs include a combination of:

  1. Laser therapy
  2. Dermal and follicle stimulation
  3. Herbal Androgen inhibitors / blockers (for women and men of all ages)

Our treatment plans will not interfere with your day to day life. Here at our clinic, our number one goal is to help you retain your hair and regrow more hair. You can expect to receive the best treatments for thinning hair and baldness in SydneyCBD at Millennium Clinic.

Our customer service is second to none. We expect all of our clients to finish their treatment program feeling completely satisfied with our staff and the service we have provided. We are the SydneyCBDclinic you can trust for hair regrowth. Call or visit us online to book your free consultation today!


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